Impact of Experiential Learning on Student performance in Hospitality and Tourism Education

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Khandoker Al Zisan, Ahmad Albattat, Siti Mariam Mohammad Abdul Basar


This study aims to review the implementation situation of experiential learning in Management and Science University, hospitality education and investigate the view of instructors and industry on the viability of the embraced experiential learning techniques. This research used quantitative method for the academics of hospitality and tourism courses and professional. The purpose for this study is to assist with locating experiential getting to know in hospitality industry across the board. Hospitality enterprise are of the fastest growing segments in the economies of severe countries. Experiential learning plays a pivotal component within the lodging and journey enterprise courses. This examine seems on the view of understudies which can be jogging or have finished their program and are now doing industry work as specialists on the activity of experiential getting to know in hospitality guides. There was a hollow between the impressions of the selected gatherings. This exam intends to recognize whether the accommodation and the journey enterprise guides address the issues and assumptions for the commercial enterprise. The effect of the review clarifies that experiential learning is beneficial to move the book's statistics into looking after actual industry. Discoveries endorse that, audio system and industry talented want to cooperate installation.

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