Perceived Safety, Destination Image and Tourist’s Intention to Travel Post COVID-19 Pandemic

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Lai Ah San, Albattat, Ahmad, Azman, Norhidayah


This study aimed to investigate the factors that influence the tourist intention to travel on post covid 19. Based on theory of reasoned action, the researcher uses subjective norm and attitude with the additional of two variable which is perceived safety and destination image. In addition, the researcher also investigates the moderator role of electronic integrate marketing communication and health consciousness. 450 responses successfully collected by using online survey and has analyse by using Smart PLS-SEM. the finding reveal that attitude, destination image and subjective norm have the significant relationship to the tourist intention to travel during post pandemic situation. Unfortunately, perceived safety is not significant in influencing the tourist intention to travel during pandemic situation. In term of moderation effect, both of the moderator variable has the role in moderate the relationship between the independence variable and dependence variable. This study's findings have various ramifications for the government, agencies, traveller marketing, hotel industry, and stakeholders.

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