Internet Banking Development as A Means of Providing Efficient Financial Services in South Sudan

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Kuicthok Yak Deng Tudeal


This study aims to understand internet users’ perspectives on Internet banking, their experience with Internet banking, and their expectations of Internet banking services. It would also examine why many are not using internet banking services despite the fact that most banks are digital as a means of providing financial services in an efficient way.

The study is going to find out the security implications of using internet banking in comparison to manual banking. Banking institutions' security measures in place to safeguard online transactions where risk is expected to be high when security layers are insufficient to protect customers from financial loss.

Internet banking, according to this study, is the use of financial services on the internet using the web browser on a specific app on a mobile or computer.

Internet banking is helpful so that it minimizes the time spent in queuing to do cash transfers at physical branches and to check balances as well.

The study is also going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with online branches versus physical branches.

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