Tightening ASEAN-China Ties: A Corner or A Corridor?

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Han Yue


This paper mainly focuses on the development process and future outlook of ASEAN-China relations. During the past 30 years, China and ASEAN have achieved political, economic, and cultural communication and cooperation, which have had a positive effect on the economic promotion of both sides and the Asia-Pacific region. Given the existing bilateral relations between China and ASEAN countries, there exist both opportunities and risks in tightening ties. China's growing economic and political power may bring low trust ratings in ASEAN, which may paint both sides into a corner. At the same time, ASEAN is also a corridor for Chinese markets and enterprises to reach out to the world. We are willing to witness that both sides will continue to cooperate and exchange ideas and innovations in the future, face the risks, actively seize the opportunities to promote economic development, and bring more benefits to the whole world.


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