Rank Rates, Service, and Social Responsibility's Impact on Quality Perception

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Tran Xuan Phuc, Nguyen Thi My Linh


In an increasingly competitive retail banking market, service providers have to re-think how their bank rates and charges,  service product, and social responsibility impact customer perception of quality. This article purposes to highlight the effect of retail bank rates and charges, service products, and social responsibility's impact on customer perception of quality. The study sampled customers in Vietinbank, a member of the Vietnamese banking system. Quantitative data collection methods were utilized, and 213 responses were generated through a close-ended questionnaire administered to banks' customers. Several statistical analyses were carried out to identify factors of customers' perception affecting the degree of satisfaction and show the elements that play a vital role in satisfaction among  Vietinbank customers. The resultant data was analysed, and it showed that the customer's perceptions of service product, the human element of service delivery, and the process element of service delivery have a significant favorable effect on meeting customer expectations.  The findings of the research may be applied as a blueprint by retail bank managers and bank policymakers, helping them understand customers' expectations and perceptions across various demographic dimensions, especially in retail banking institutions,  for their institutions to retain  a competitive edge in a market-oriented economy.

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