Assessing the potential of mechanical aeration in soil phytoremediation

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Gireshsingh Mungla, Sunita Facknath, Bhanooduth Lalljee


Increasing effectiveness of remediation is still being explored.  Mechanical aeration was instigated along with phytoremediation using Helianthus annuus and Brassica juncea for a period of 90 days.   Among seven land sites impacted by heavy metals selected, two most contaminated soils were selected and remediation experiment was conducted.  The outcome under aeration treatment with H.annuus showed a reduction in metal concentrations upto 30.7% Zn (See Abbreviations), 71.7% Cu, 68.8% Cr, 80.2% Cd, 58.8% Mn, 54.9% Ni and 70.7% Pb as compared to B.juncea which were 40% Zn, 73.2% Cu, 67.3% Cr, 80% Cd, 43.1% Mn, 53.4% Ni and 24.5% Pb within the same time frame.  Notably, implementing mechanical aeration enhanced phytoremediation efficiency significantly upto 50.7% compared to phytoremediation solely.  Nonetheless, other physiochemical parameters in particular pH, EC, organic matter, total NPK played essential roles in the enhanced-phytoremediation experiment.

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