An inventory of risk management practices and culture in the public sector : a case study

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Benkirane Kawtar, Benazzi Khadija


This article aims to give a detailed view of Risk Management canvas in a public organization and observe how Covid 19 was an element that made questions arise on whether probabilistic methods in evaluating risks are still reliable. We are intending to understand the unique case of the national office of airports of Marrakech (ONDA), through a qualitative method with case study approach. Data analysis is based on direct interviews with four of the company's managers. We were able to get to a first level of understanding how Risk as a concept, is perceived in the Moroccan public sector. The findings show that ONDA is advanced in the matter of risk management practices and adopt the latest tool recommended by ISO 9001: 2015 standard. It however still uses a preventive approach with probabilistic methods that proved useless to face Covid 19 pandemic.

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