Relationship between Gainful Employment and Locus of Control in School: Views and Perspectives

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Prerna Tiwari, Dr. Dipika Jain


Employees are the most important component of any organization.  For any educational organization it is pertinent to maximize the effectiveness of their teachers and improve their experience of work. The development of positive school environment and educators sense of personal responsibility towards their job can enhance their efficiency. With this regard, Gainful Employment and Locus of Control play a significant role in uplifting overall teaching performance among educators’.

Gainfully employed people always look forward to going to their work instead of dreading it. They find growth in the areas of their talent and feel productive and satisfied in their profession, it explains the construct Gainful Employment. The construct Locus of Control can be defined as the level to which individuals believe that their actions control their life events and success (internal locus) or are dependent upon outside forces (external locus).

In a teachers’ life the teaching and other school related activities occupies large part and has a great impact upon their overall personality therefore gainful employment is an important criteria to boost their talent and skill in the area of education. Educators also require a sense of control upon their teaching and other school related activities. Therefore the accurate understanding and cognizance of Locus of Control can enable the teachers to practically reflect and take charge of their classroom teaching and improve their interaction with the students.

Locus of Control is an established concept of psychology whereas Gainful Employment is a comparatively new concept that was conceptualized in 2007 by Snyder and Lopez. Both the concepts depict relevance in almost every profession, specifically teaching and corporate professionals. This paper aims to provide theoretical links between Gainful Employment and Locus of Control within the domain of school education, in context of teachers.     

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