Employability Skills Requirement For People with Disability (PWD) Job Success

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Muhd Khaizer Omar, Mohd Hazwan Mohd Puad, Mohamad Yaakub, Marlinah Muslim


Advancement of the nation depends on the human capital development, equal distribution of wealth, and well-being of the grassroots. Notably, having a secured job and a stable occupation is an aspiration for every human being; without leaving the people with disabilities (PWD). Problem related to PWD unemployment has always been a challenging topic because little information related to characteristics and skills needed by the industries to promote this group of people for employment.  Therefore, this research explored employability skills (ES) traits among 21 PWDs who perceived three days of ES intervention program conducted at Putra Future Classroom, Universiti Putra Malaysia. A qualitative single study was employed after the program and the participating PWDs were requested to share their experiences via synchronous audio-recorded sessions using the WhatsApp application. The audio recorded was transcribed and analyzed using Atlas. Ti software. Six themes were emerged using color-coded and thematic analysis: 1) digital skills, 2) information and communication technology skills, 3) interpersonal skills, 4) marketing skills, 5) practical skills, and 6) writing skills. The findings: 1) advocate the identical ES traits among PWD align with industrial job demands, 2) foster contribution of PWD in the job market; and 3) elicit curriculum training for PWD by embedding ES elements. PWD unemployment has resumed being a great concern among stakeholders who believe in their potential and talent. Therefore, industrial players should be more tolerant and emancipate the contribution of PWD's role in the workforce as well as allow them to demonstrate their capabilities and skills.


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