Aggressiveness of market risk events and their management in intensive chicken breeding farms in Kosovo

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Prof. Asoc. Arif Murrja, PhD. Agim Ndregjoni, PhD. Llambi Prendi, Prof. Ass. Sadik Maloku,


Market risk management has an important role in the development of agricultural businesses (farms and agribusiness enterprises). Researchers have a variety of methods available to assess and manage market risk events. Although many studies have been conducted on risk management, there is still a research gap, not only in specific sectors of agriculture, but also for specific categories of risk. This is due to the fact that the agricultural sector is diverse and in addition to the market risk, it is threatened by production risk, financing risk, legal risk and human resources risk. The purpose of the study is to highlight the aggressiveness of market risk events and their management. In this study, the qualitative and quantitative method was applied to assess the market risk in intensive poultry breeding and production farms, for the marketing of eggs and meat. The study was conducted in the Republic of Kosovo. The results of the study familiarize farmers with the levels and aggressiveness of market risk events. Finally, responses to market risk (market risk management strategies) are recommended.

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