Demographic Variables as determinants of Career Choice amongst Female MBA Students: An Empirical Perspective

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Pranay Karnik, Dr. Deepak Jaroliya


In today’s competitive world it is very important for any working professional to stay relevant and keep growing. It is also very challenging for our management students to match the requirements of their potential recruiters along with living up to their own expectations from their respective careers. In smaller towns of India, the female MBA students often get affected by certain other factors such as family influence, relocation constraints and the opinion of family members and others about a particular job. Any career choice made by these students without considering these factors can result in unsuccessful careers or early career switches which are often not taken well by prospective recruiters. Understanding the probable impact of these factors on the career choice of female MBA students can not only help them in better decision making for their career choice this can also help their faculties, career counselors and mentors to guide them for a suitable career option. Thus this paper the authors tried to understand the various factors which affect the career choice among female MBA students and to find out whether the demographic profiles of the students affect their career choice. The results drawn from the study can be used by the B-Schools to accordingly guide the female students in finding right careers as per their career choices. A self-designed questionnaire was used in the study and the responses were taken from female students who are currently pursuing their MBA degree from reputed MBA institutes from Madhya Pradesh. Mean, ANOVA and t-test were used for the analysis of the data.

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