Impact of Organisation Oriented Managerial Practices on the Performance Management System – Mediation of Employees Behavior

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Abdullah Alnsseraat, Siti Aida Samikon


This study aimed to examine the relationship between organisational managerial practices (Such as empowerment, compensation, teamwork) and effectiveness of performance management system (PMS) through employee’s behaviour as a mediator among academics of Universities in Syria. The study is deductive approach as the study starts up with set of hypotheses and ends up with result of hypotheses. The study is quantitative research because it is based on statistical analysis and numerical measures, variance, covariance techniques are used. The study is exploratory research as it is exploratory in nature since the study domain have enough previous knowledge to build initial hypotheses. And the study is scientific approach because it follows systematic steps starts with assumptions and ends up with approve/disapprove.  The population of this analysis is academic related employees in Syrian Universities (estimated as 9000). They are allocated in 30 universities, which belong to three different sub-groups (public, private, and international). Data has been collected from 10 universities belongs to three categories (public, private, and international). The target sample size is calculated based on Morgan sampling method (Morgan and Kerjcie, 1970) and the proper sample size that fit with the population count is 368. Therefore, quota sample is the suitable data collection technique for this particular study.10 universities is chosen from the three categories.

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