Assessment of Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Cooperators based on McKinsey’s 7S: Basis for Development Plan

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Dr. Fhrizz S. De Jesus, Dr. Sarah C. Alvarez


MSMED Program is the Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Project which aims to improve MSMEs competitiveness. This became the concern of the researchers in conducting this study- to assess the shared service facilities (SSF) Cooperators in Nueva Ecija using the Mc Kinsey’s 7s model.

Objectives: This research study assessed the shared service facilities (SSF) Cooperators in Nueva Ecija using the Mc Kinsey’s 7s model and identified the problems encountered by the respondents. The researchers believed that using the MC Kinsey’s 7S in this study might contribute to the efficacy and productivity of the business operations of the SSF Cooperators in developing new business strategies that could help their operations grow.


Methods: The researchers used the descriptive- evaluative method to assess the business operation of the SSF Cooperators in Nueva Ecija based on the Mc Kinsey’s 7S Model with the Statistical tools such as Percentage, Frequency Distribution, Weighted Mean, and Thematic Analysis were used in analyzing the data gathered.   

Results: As to the result of the study using Mc Kinsey’s 7S model, the shared values ranked 1 signifying that the respondents’ business works effectively and efficiently towards its goals. There was monitoring of business performance (strategy), established organizational structure, compliant business system, collaborative working skills, well-defined leadership style, team-player staff, and good customer’s services (shared values). This study also revealed the problems of the respondents in different aspects of their operation which became the basis of recommending a development plan which can be used in stabilizing the business performance, and in increasing the growth in the market.


Conclusions: For the conclusion of the study, shared values ranked as number 1 in the assessment of the respondents based on Mc Kinsey’s 7S. This denotes that a business works well if the connectivity of all the factors of a business is working effectively and efficiently towards its goals for the business, employees, and societies. The harmonious working relationship of the manager and employees, leadership style of the head, collaborative working skills, and the good provision of the customer services were the top results that served as the foundation of a successful business. In line with the results, the researchers crafted a development plan to improve the operations of the SSF cooperators.

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