Gut microbiota: - A key regulator of obesity

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Dr. Surender Verma, Priyanka Bhan, Dr. Jitender Sharma, Kamal Vashist, Neeraj Mehla


The microbiome in the gut's possible role in the causes of obesity has received a lot of interest in the last few yrs. Several studies have found that the composition of gut microbiota is different in obese people and slim people since enteric bacteria are important players in lipid metabolism, so changes in gut microbiota composition are linked to changes in body weight and BMI(Body Mass Index). The review shows that microbiota regulates body weight by three main mechanism that is control of bile acid metabolism regulation, synthesis of short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) production, and induction/protection against metabolic endotoxemia. The role of probiotics on body weight is strain specific, according to research. The duration, dosage, and long-term benefits of microbial therapy in the reduction of overweight and obesity, however, are unclear. However, further investigation is necessary to completely understand the molecular modes of action of probiotics and prebiotics on people's wellbeing, as well as to show a link between the microbiome and overweight etiology using long-term, clinic-based therapy.

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