Business Model Canvass via Sustainable food value chain practices creates the scope of Business Opportunity.

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Mandavi Sahu, Dr. Sapna Arora


Sustainable food value chains coordinate with their key partners, such as farmers, processors, and distributors, to develop an efficient food supply chain and value addition process. The Canvass business model in food processing firms is ready to create an effective design of firms' operation structure and opportunities. The Sustainable food value chain follows the market-driven approach that accommodates the environmental parameters and applies the Canvass Business model in business firms to develop the value addition process of generating quality products and improving the pulse processing mechanism. The current research adopted the explorative method \to create the sustainable food value chain framework model that performs multiple functions of value-added activity and develops strategic planning for decision making. The research gives brief knowledge regarding sustainable food value chain and Canvass Business model in food processing firms that to create a value proposition and effective designing of firms to achieve the long-term goals and objectives. The study describes the advantage and disadvantages of a sustainable food value chain and follows a canvass business model infood processing firms to optimize sustainable agriculture practices and develop strategic planning with their crucial partner and stakeholders for enhancement of the customer relation, value proposition, and support financial assistance to firms that help to analyze the business performance.

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