User perception of library services in VTU Engineering Colleges of Mysuru Region.

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Nayana H, Dr. T. A. Mohan


The study examined as to how effective user education has been in meeting the information requirements of undergraduate students in engineering college libraries in the Mysore region. A survey method was used in this study.Students and faculty members working at 9 different Engineering Colleges in the Mysore region make up the sampled population. The survey included 654 library registered students and faculties for the 2019-2020 academic year. The study's sample size was 228 users (144 students and 84 faculty members), who were chosen using simple random selection method. The data was composed using self-generated form that was validated by professionals. Percentage and F-Test Two-Sample for Varianceswas used to examine the data.  The results indicated that the awareness was good among users. One of the conclusions reached from this research is that, with careful thinking, students require more assistance from library staff in obtaining appropriate information aimed at their learningrequirements.  The study also recommends that libraries of engineering colleges in the Mysore region must increase the effectiveness of user education procedures for their students and staff, so that users can take advantage of the library's services and resources.

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