Critical study on Adoption of AI-based Technology in Talent Acquisition – Indian IT Industry

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Ramesh Sattu, Dr. Simanchala Das


The purpose of study is to identify the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the talent acquisition of Indian IT industry. It further focuses on use of different AI tools for retention of employees.

Design/methodology/approach – The data are collected from various Indian IT firms, related with use of AI in talent acquisition. The online case stories are also considered for the study. The data collected from specifically from managerial levels of Human resource department.

Findings – A different statistical tests are conducted for identify the correlation for use of AI in the process of retention of employees. The different online cases are analyzed the strategies to be used for retention of employees.

Research limitations/implications – The data collected from random IT companies. The sample size is limited and specifically targeted to Indian IT companies. The non-availability of data of various IT companies online is another limitation of study.

Practical implications – The effective use of AI is on talent acquisition. The way it has been implemented and the problems occur during the process.   This will provide the guidelines for other IT companies of do and don’t during the implementation process of AI.

Originality/value – This research is specifying the importance and usability of AI in retention of employees. It will emphasize that AI does rise as problem solver in the retention process. This is guiding parameters for adoption of AI technology extensively. The process of retention does not start during the time of separation of employees. It starts from the recruitment till the retirement or separation of employee. The AI is covered in all aspect of HR functions and process.


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