Land use and Land cover change detection of Tirunelveli City Using GIS and RS

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S. Rajalakshmi, Dr. V. Vallinayagi


Tirunelveli is one among the popular city in Tamil Nadu, and it needs to be focused on regulating the urban growth. The urban growth of Tirunelveli should be planned and regularised as it was selected as one of the smart cities project in India. It is necessary to sort out the current spatial growth and to predict the model for spatial dynamic growth for future urban development. In this research, Land Use (LU), Land Cover (LC) change detection of Tirunelveli taluk has been analysed for the years 2000 and 2020 using Landsat series satellite images. GIS and RS techniques are used to analyse the urban growth of Tirunelveli city. Maximum likelihood algorithms are used for the supervised classification of the satellite data and Post classification image-to-image comparisons were applied for the important features like land, water, forest, vegetation and build-up areas. The changes in these features were detected using QGIS and ENVI statistical computational software tools. This change detection, gives an idea to the predict the urban sprawl of the Tirunelveli city in upcoming years. 


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