The Portrayal of Peace in Selected Xitsonga Texts

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Ngobeni DT, Chauke O.R, Motlhaka HA


The purpose of this study was to explore the portrayal of peace in selected Xitsonga texts, namely; Mibya ya nyekanyekaby B.K.M.Mtombeni, Ndzi ngo tinciki! by F.A. Thuketana, Nsuku wa mina by W.R. Chauke, N’waninginingi ma ka tindlevebyF.A. Thuketana, N’wana wa tinhlalubyM.J Maluleke, Vutomi i vhilwa byN.R. Mgiba, Byi n’wi khele matluka by M. Malungana, Vukosi i mberha by P. Ndlovu.This study is based on constructivist paradigm, phenomenological research design, qualitative research approach and Galtung’s Theory of Peace. In this study, the Textual Analysis was used to collect data and Thematic Textual Data Analysis Method used to analyse the data collected from 8 selected Xitsonga texts. An analysis of the data revealed that there is no positive peace in the families, communities, workplaces, schools, churches, the country and the whole world. This study revealed protests, abuse and misleading of children by parents, serious crimes committed by men such as robbery, theft, abduction, murders and burglary, as the causes of lack of peace in the communities. This study also revealed love, respect, cooperation, integration, and harmony as the causes of peace in the world. This study will contribute in bringing peace in the families, schools, communities and the whole country and increase knowledge of people about peace. This study recommends that parents should learn to have good conduct, teachers should teach learners to have good conduct and leaders should bring peace in the communities, churches, work places and the world.

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