Development of Primary School Teacher Training Through The Engineering-Oriented RADEC Learning Model

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Chaerun Anwar, Wahyu Sopandi, Udin Syaefudin Saud


The goal of this study is to provide school teacher training that is based on the engineering-oriented RADEC learning model. The training program was created using development research techniques and processes that adhered to the ADDIE stages of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. We employed the CIPP evaluation paradigm for the assessment phase, including context, input, process, and product evaluation. This training program included 35 elementary school teachers from 12 provinces and 35 cities and districts in Indonesia, with primary school regions in city, district, and borders. There are two types of instruments used: test and non-test. The exam category includes essay and multiple-choice questions designed to assess engineering literacy knowledge. Non-test methods include questionnaires, observation, documentation, and interviews. Interview guidelines, observation sheets, training model validation sheets, training plans, training modules, trainee response questionnaires, test questions, and attitude evaluation sheets were also utilized to collect information and data. The development research data was assessed descriptively, qualitatively, and quantitatively. Through engineering-oriented RADEC learning models, development research has produced research products in the form of a set of primary school teacher training products, including program structure, activity schedule, syllabus, lesson plan, hand-out training materials, observation instruments, and questionnaire responses of training participants. All of these items have been validated by science education, curriculum, and assessment specialists, and the results are valid and credible. The results demonstrated that the engineering-oriented RADEC learning model training program could improve instructors' knowledge of engineering literacy concepts, knowledge based on regional peculiarities, engineering abilities, and RADEC-based lesson plans. There are also considerable variations between before and after the RADEC engineering-oriented learning model training for elementary school teachers.

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