Professional Values in Undergraduate Nursing Students: Comparison in Different Cultures

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Chennyfer D. A. Rached, Veronica Valazza, Giovanna M. P. Amaral, Pilar M. C. Lizarbe


Background: Ethical values are the foundation of nursing practice, while social values are able to characterize cultural groups and societies may also have an influence in the definition of a professional behavior. Which makes it possible to presume that different cultures might also have different professional values.

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to examine the attainment of professional values in undergraduate nursing students in different cultures and compare the professional values per semester.

Design: Cross-sectional, quantitative, descriptive study. Sample consisted of 210 undergraduate nursing students in Brazil and 33 in the USA.

Results: The main scores of NPVS-3 of Brazilian students were higher than students from USA (124.96±11.58 and 112.85±11.16 for the USA). In both countries, the “Caring” dimension was the highest, the mean score NPVS-3 of the Brazilian students 46.83±3.67 and USA 45.00±3.37. Ethics in nursing practice and humanization of care were identified as extremely important in the support of the work process of nursing.

Conclusion: It is concluded that the values identified as the most relevant point to care are linked to respect, dignity, and patient protection.

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