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Zhan-Hong Chai, Albattat, Ahmad, Brian Sheng-Xian Teo, Jian-Wei Li


Xiping folk song is the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage approved by the State Council of China. But what is Xiping folk song? What is the origin of this title? What is the relationship between the appellation of "Xiping folk song" and "Luo Gu Qu" and "Hua Gu Zi" in the mouth of local people? There is no clear definition in academia. This paper studies the relevant literature through the historical literature research method, and interviews the relevant parties by using the field investigation method. This paper finds that, in a broad sense, Xiping folk songs refer to oral songs collectively created and handed down from generation to generation by the working people of Xiping town. In a narrow sense, Xiping folk song refers to the folk song activities held by the working people of Xiping town during the Spring Lantern Festival accompanied by folk song and dance performances such as "riding Zhuma", "rowing Hanchuan", "carrying Huajiao", commonly known as "Luo Gu Qu" and "Hua Gu Zi". On the one hand, the research results explain the concept of Xiping folk song as a "folk song", on the other hand, it expounds the concept of Xiping folk song as a comprehensive folk activity. It will provide theoretical support for the further study of Xiping folk song heritage and non-material folk song heritage.

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