Teachers’ perceptions of authentic leadership and job satisfaction: A pilot study

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Nor Azni Abdul Aziz, Soaib Asimiran, Arnida Abdullah, Rosmaria Omar


The role of teachers is becoming more complicated and complex to implement any educational changes. Teachers' workload is one factor contributing to teachers feeling dissatisfied with their jobs and unable to devote carrying out their duties as educators. In order to accomplish school goals, school leaders must ensure that their employees have a high degree of satisfaction. Therefore, it is crucial for leaders to recognize that authentic leadership, which offers a true and value-based kind of leadership, can positively influence teachers' job satisfaction. The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the validity and reliability of the instrument used to measure teachers’ perceptions of the principal's authentic leadership style and job satisfaction. Data from 40 teachers in a secondary school who participated in an online survey were analysed. Based on the analysis conducted, the Alpha values indicated that the instrument meets the validity and reliability measures and is ready to be used.

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