Artificial intelligence in modern times and the risk of violation of International Human Rights Instruments

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Safet Krasniqi, Mirvete Uka


This research has its aim of treating the possibility for International Protection of Human Rights from permanent danger that represents evolution of artificial intelligence, as a threat of human rights violation of an individual. In this aspect principles of human rights set by UN are very important. Foundation of all this treatment, phenomena that are happening in the world (language of hate that is circulating and that has led to the escalation of violence among different peoples and social groups as a growing problem, etc.), measures that are being attempted to be taken in order to prevent human abuse and discrimination as well as to treat every human being in a fair balanced way without prejudice. Report of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the largest organization of technical professionals, lists as its first principle the protection of human rights from artificial intelligence. Despite writings and warnings for the risk of violating these rights although some systems already are violating such rights. For example on March 2018 researchers of human rights from United Nations discovered that Facebook and its news posted in algorithmic manner brought as consequence circulation of hate speech and incitement of violence in Myanmar. During a hearing of the US Congress in April 2018, regarding this issue, Zuckenberg initially said that more advanced artificial intelligence is needed to solve the problem.

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