Perception of Student Engagement among Faculty in private engineering colleges

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Dr. Uday Sankar Allam, Dr. K. Suneetha, Dr Kota Neela Mani Kanta, Dr. Sandhya Munagapati, Dr. P Srivalli


The study is sought to understand the perceptions of Student Engagement among faculty regarding to various demographic variables. Student engagement is related to students’ perseverance, learning, and overall campus experience. The study is conducted among 110 private engineering college faculties working in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The study follows descriptive research design, as the study discusses the perception regarding Student Engagement among faculty working in private engineering college. The study follows probabilistic, multi stage sampling method in selection of sample. The study administers structured questionnaire among engineering college faculty for collection of primary data. The study finds similar perceptions of Student Engagement among diverse demographic groups of faculty working in private engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

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