Imbalances in Agriculture Trade

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Snigdha Bhatia, Dr. R. K. Arya


This paper discusses various imbalances in the agriculture sector prevalent in the current scenario where agriculture is still a predominant sector in Indian economy. Around 263.1 million people (54.6%) were employed in the primary sector in 2011, as per the census. These were landowners who own the land, labourers who work on the land and tenant farmers who take land on lease for cultivation. Despite the huge labour force engaged in agricultural sector, the productivity is dismal and there is high disguised unemployment and also the incidence of inflation is very high, all this making cost of production very high. Since the agricultural produce is still regulated through mandi system, farmers don’t have advantage of future pricing and derivatives. Farmers don’t get right price for their produce. Besides this, there are many other factors which have been causing imbalances in the agricultural sector and government has been taking steps to fix the imbalance by recommendations and appropriate changes. This is further being discussed this paper.

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