Multidisciplinary Teaching for Developing Concreteness of Abstract Concepts in Science

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Shailaja S, Dr Alka Muddgal


Every Discipline taught in school is equally important, as it necessitates learning for leading a comprehensive living. Knowledge about the core concepts learned during schooling along with their application eases our living. Disciplines having concrete objects to associate with learning can be transacted faster than those like Science and Mathematics which have based on an abstract premise. Using an appropriate pedagogy and engaging the students in learning, leads to a valuable outcome is the aim and vision of education. The pedagogical approach used for the transaction should be attractive, engrossing, and interesting for students to completely involve themselves in learning as well as dwell deep into the subject matter. Lest the teacher creates interest in the students’ minds, the disciplines fail to create interest in the learner. The responsibility of teachers to catch young minds into learning abstract disciplines is much higher than building superficial knowledge. Teacher and their pedagogy should be connected to students learning to make it a joyful, meaningful, and valuable experience. This research paper encompasses empirical pieces of evidence to understand how concreteness can be brought about the abstract concepts, making students enjoy abstractness while helping students reach a higher level of abstractum.

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