Effect of botanicals on Yellow Fever Mosquito Aedes aegypti(Diptera: Culicidae)

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Naser A Alkenani, Habeeb M Al-Solami, Abdullah G. Alghamdi, Ihsan Ullah, Kounser Javeed, Showket Ahmad Dar, Mohamed Morsi M. Ahmed


The current studies were conducted during 2018-2019 to evaluate the efficacy of various botanicals against Aedes aegypti. Mosquitoes from ancient times are kind of the insect creatures which are known to transmit serious human diseases, causing millions of deaths every year. The number of problems prevailing such as resistance of synthetic insecticides, residue problems in the environment and bad effects on human population and non-target organism, researchers focus their whole area of research towards the formation of new plant based insecticides with less hazardous effects. Despite the huge operational costs, the application of synthetic chemical insecticides to control vector mosquitoes has resulted in physiological resistance and ruthless environmental consequences. Insecticides compound of botanical origin including phenolic, terpenoids and alkaloids have been reported as useful for control of mosquitoes and may result in jointly or independently contribution to the larvicidal activities of mosquitoes. The satisfactory results were exhibited by Pine oil extract used and established the efficiency when the results were drawn from the analysis. However, the mortality of the test species got increased with increase in plant extract concentrations and complete death was recorded at 8 to 10 percent concentration. The lower concentrations were also helpful as they showed restless movement for some times with abnormal wagging and then died. The LC50 and LC 99 of plant extract were extremely toxic after 40-48 hours of exposure. The maximum efficacy was observed in the pine oil extract. The LC50 and LC99 values of pine oil extract against adults of A. aegypti after 20-24 hour and 40-48 hour were 0.28, 0.891 ml and 0.082, 0.678 ml, respectively though; no evidence of mortality was recorded in controls.The lethalkilling percentage of Neem oil and Til oil considered low adulticidal activity within 20-24 hours exposure period nevertheless, pine oil put forththe huge adulticidal activity while after 40-48 hours exposure high killing activity against mosquito population were shownwhen treated with plant bio-extracts. From the results, it was determined thatthe crude extraction of pine oil extract was apotent killer for controlling dengue vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti.

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