HR Dynamics in Facing Cyber Threats and Establishing Cyber-Security Measures in the Banks

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Sreekar G. S. G., Padala Viswanadham


Cyber-security in the banking sector has become more complicated than ever as banks are digitalizing their operations rapidly. To prevent data theft or attacks from hackers and cybercriminals, especially in the banking sector, sharing critical sensitive information with staff and customers in a secure manner is becoming a complicated process. Most of the sensitive information is accessible by the HR departments of the banks, therefore, protecting the bank’s as well as customers' information online from risks like malware, viral assaults, and hackers falls under the Human resources department’s purview. With such a weighty duty on their shoulders, HR professionals need efficient and effective cyber-security measures to safeguard the bank’s software system. Cyber-security for HR professionals is now more important than ever because the organization and its customers transmit so much information online. The heavy burden of establishing secure and cyber-safe measures falls on the HR department. The study elucidates why and how HR plays a vital role in establishing cyber security measures in the banks and what strategies, techniques, and patterns are encountered while implementing the process.

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