A Study on Effectiveness of on the Job Training Programs for Village Engineering Graduated Candidates

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Dr.D.Jaichitra, Dr.S.Usha, Dr.P.Yuvaraman,


Background: A vast majority of Village Engineering Graduated Candidates are engaged in informal jobs or employed in small unorganized Enterprises, on the Job Training is essential to the growth of their professional development. This need for on the job training pervades all the levels of industries, to each company where the productivity is improved, down to the individual whose skills are enhanced and as a result improve their position in the workplace. In other words, on the job Training is one of the most pervasive methods for enhancing individual productivity and improving job performance in the work environment. On the Job Training effectiveness must cause behavioural change (i.e. skill transfer for job performance), thereby resulting in organizational performance. The result of this study shows that on the job training is strongly improve to more creativity, achieving organizational objectives and work quality.


Primary Objective

  • To study above the Effectiveness of on the job training for Village Engineering Graduated Candidates, Ponneri Circle, Tamil Nadu.

Secondary Objectives

  • To study about the Village Engineering Graduated Candidates perception towards on the job Training.

  • To analysis the contents and training method used in the Training program.


  • In the present research, the researcher has used convenient sampling.

  • The sampling procedure used in non-probabilistic sampling. In non- probabilistic sampling, stratified random sampling is used to take the sample from the respondent.

Convenient Sampling

Convenient sampling is a sampling which carries out according to the convenience of the researcher.

Research Design & Sample Size:

  • The research design is followed in this descriptive type.

  • Sample Size is conducted 120 respondents.

The primary data are collected through the survey (questionnaire) method and the secondary data is collected through internet, documents and articles.


  1. Majority (80%) of the respondents is male and remaining (20%) of the respondents is female in the Village.

  2. Majority (64%) of respondents strongly agreed upon the fact that on the job training plan was appropriate.

  3. Majority (56%) of the respondents strongly agreed the facilities available for on the job training were suitable.

  4. Almost (93%) all of the respondents strongly agreed that on the job Training programme was effective.

  5. Most (85%) of the respondents strongly agreed that the content of on the job training material was relevant to their job.

  6. Most (84%) of the respondents strongly agreed that the learning needs were satisfied through on the job training programme.

  7. Most (84%) of the respondents strongly agreed that the business ethics and work ethics.

  8. Most (80%) of the respondents strongly agreed that the safety programme covered in on the job training.


The Village Engineering Graduated candidates success starts from the skills and abilities of the on the job Training Programs. The fresher pre-employment training program provides the fresh employees skills and knowledge they need. Well trained fresh employees are more satisfied, more productivity, and more likely to produce high quality business results.

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