Management of East Lampung Salafiyah

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Syaifudin, Yurnalis Etek, Nilawati Tadjuddin Syobri, Ahmad Fauzan, Hamdi Abdul Karim, Heru Juabdi Sada


Boarding schools have a kiyai as a top leader, in order to be able to deliver quality students in continue the relay of struggle and adhere to the teachings of salafiyah, the Islamic boarding school implements the scope of management. This study aims to find and describe the scope of santri management, asatidz, curriculum and management or administration at the Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School. 

The researcher uses a qualitative approach to the type of case study research. The research sites were in the Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School Darussalamah Way Jepara and the Assya'roniyah Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School in Mataram Baru, East Lampung. Collecting data using interview techniques, observation, documentation with data sources kyai, asatidz, administrators and students. Data analysis with conceptual inductive steps, comparing, evaluating propositions, reconstructing and repeating until the limit of saturation. The researcher has triangulated the data (technique, source and time) for the validity of the data. 

Research result; (1) Student management; able to lead the students to behave takdhim and polite behavior towards fellow students and students who are more senior, asatidz and kyai, and have knowledge in studying classical books and Islamic lessons as provisions in the life of the world and the hereafter. (2) asatidz management; Acceptance of asatidz solely ensures scientific consistency in accordance with what is taught by the caregiver/kiyai. Asatidz is considered a certain scientific figure in providing examples and motivation to learn for students. Among them is the motivation to be able to continue the struggle goals of Islamic boarding schools by developing Salafiyah Islamic Boarding Schools or establishing new Islamic Boarding Schools. (3) Curriculum management; Although the curriculum applied at the Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School is simple, it is able to be carried out well so as to produce students who understand, understand science and can be practiced in the context of Islamic life in accordance with the commands of the Qur'an and Hadith. (4) Management/administration management; implemented can be a service for students, guardians of students, asatidz, caregivers and the community and provide convenience in every business or get the information needed.

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