Image Processing based Tracking and Counting Vehicles

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Pendyala Jashwanth, D. Venkateshwarlu


Real-time backdrop changes are problematic, making it impossible to record the original background. It is also challenging to manage the update rate of traffic videos that detect moving autos. The project's goal is to create a moving vehicle detection technique that may be employed in situations when there is a traffic bottleneck. Both civil and military uses need the use of vehicle detection and tracking systems, such as: Vehicle tracking, vehicle counting, average vehicle speed, traffic analysis, and vehicle categorization goals are just a few of the approaches used for on-road vehicle detection. We provide a short summary of the image processing methods and analytical tools employed in this study's development of the aforementioned applications, including the creation of traffic monitoring systems. For a more thorough knowledge of the traffic system than previous assessments, we categorise the processing techniques into three groups.

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