A Study on Factors That Lead to Job Satisfaction among the Employees in Health Care Concerning Fort is Healthcare Ltd

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Sapna Suri, Sukhbir Singh Gogar


The toughest job for any present employer is to keep their employees happy. It is necessary for the organization to encourage and satisfy employees so that they remain in the organization for the longer time. It is been observed that the Service sector is facing a lot of problems in keeping employees happy these days. The study aimed at identifying factors that lead to job satisfaction among employees. This study specified the effectiveness of various practices used by the hospital to make employees happy. The study included various practices followed by the organizations in order to keep the employees happy. More than one-third of HR professionals in the Health Care Sector view retention as one of their pressing issues. The study was conducted to directly find out from the employees the factors that do motivate them to continue employment with hospital. A well designed questionnaire was formulated with a few factors such as Promotion, Leave, Motivational talks, Recognition, and other reasons to find out whether the employee is happy with the organization. The sample size of 100 respondents was taken into consideration while conducting the survey. The collected data was analyzed and interpreted in form of a pie chart and bar diagram. The findings of the study conveyed that employees were very happy with the organization.

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