Trend Analysis Ways of Ending Membership in the Iraqi Council of Representatives

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Shahen Hasan, Okab Ahmad Mahmad, Worea Ali Kasrau


The exercise of the representative office is for a specific period of time, as the Iraqi constitution for the year 2005 stipulated in Article (56/first) that (this electoral cycle of the House of Representatives shall be four calendar years, beginning with its first session and ending at the end of the fourth year) and the text of this constitutional article is considered The normal way to end membership in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

This termination of membership may be exceptional. It is collectively dissolving Parliament. The Constitution of Iraq for the year 2005 referred to in Article (64/First) two methods for dissolving the House of Representatives, which is either by an absolute majority of the number of its members and at the request of one-third of its members, which may be at the request or approval of the Prime Minister. Either it is individually as if a member of Parliament assumed a position in the presidency of the state or in the Council of Ministers or any other official position, or accepting the resignation of a member from the House of Representatives, or the death of a member, and other cases stipulated by the constitution and related to the person of the member. This article also examines the methods of termination of membership in the Iraqi Council of Representatives with an explanatory and descriptive method and will examine the cases and results.

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