Appraisal of Knowledge about the Technique used in Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Salbutamol Inhaler among Asthmatic Patients

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Elturabi Elsayed Ebrahim


Background: Using of metered-dose inhaler (MDI) improperly is still difficult for treating respiratory illnesses. Poor asthma inhaler use is probably among the main factors contributing to uncontrolled and frequent hospital admissions.

Objectives: The purpose of the study was to assess one's knowledge and usage of inhaler method among patients.

Methods: At Elshaab Teaching Hospital, a descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted. Information came from patients using interview questionnaires and check lists, and the final results were then interpreted using computer software using the SPSS program.

Results: According to this study's findings, the majority of patients are older than 48 years old, which is represented by 42% of participants. In terms of gender distribution, it was found that there were more female participants (55.7%) than male participants (44.3%), and when it came to salbutamol or the MDI steps, only 8 patients achieved the full level score (21%) and 11 patients had moderate scores (29%) and 19 patients had low level scores (50%); this indicated that the practical of MDI is subpar, just like it is in the DPI.

Conclusions: Most patients with asthma did not use their inhalers properly, which suggests that most participants lacked the knowledge and skills required to effectively use the MDI. These findings highlight how little knowledge about the essential role appropriate inhaler technique plays in asthma therapy.

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