“Evaluation of Cutting Efficiency between Normal Tapered Diamond Points and Spiral Tapered Diamond Points through Depth Cuts- A Comparative Study”

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Kabilan P, Ponsekar Abraham A, Anand S, Prabhu K, Nithyapriya S, Ramesh Kaarthick I, Ramya M, Arunachalam K



The aim of this study was to compare the cutting efficiency of normal tapered diamonds and spiral tapered diamonds with repeated cuts.


A high-speed air-turbine handpiece was used to evaluate two distinct types of diamond points. The cutting effectiveness of diamond points on glass ceramic blocks was tested after five repeated cuts. The depth cuts on the ceramic blocks were measured using Vision Measuring Machine (VMM) and the results were interpreted.


According to the depth cut values obtained, regular tapered diamond points outperformed spiral diamond points. There were considerable variances between these two types of diamond points. The first three cuts were statistically significant at the 1% level (p0.01), with p values of 0.0002, 0.0034, and 0.0023, respectively, whereas the last two cuts were statistically not significant (p>0.05), with p values of 0.6167 and 0.6139, respectively.


This in-vitro study concluded that the normal tapered diamond points were having more cutting efficiency than that of the spiral tapered diamond points at its first three consecutive cuts but the spiral diamond point is constant in nature after repeated cuts.


The size of the diamond particles will impact how efficiently they cut; larger diamond particles will abrade more than smaller ones, and abrasion will also cause temperature differences, therefore it's crucial to understand the factors that influence cutting efficiency.

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