Child Safety Wearable Device Using ESP32 Cam

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Narmada M, Prakruthi K V, S Srividhya


IoT, a new technology, connects every single place on Earth. For automation to advance in all domains, it creates connectivity between diverse systems, gadgets, and services. In contemporary society, child safety is a major problem that still has to be tackled. A large number of crimes go unreported. The project's goal is to protect the child from threats. The number of child safety precautions has significantly decreased in modern times. As a result, there is an ongoing rise in violence toward children. Along with children, women are also physically and psychologically assaulted. An SMS text-enabled wearable device will help parents locate their children using GPS and Bluetooth technology. Any cell phone can be used for it; a high-end smartphone isn't always necessary. The fact that this wearable can be controlled wirelessly using a mobile phone gives it a significant edge over other wearables. The wearable gadget includes an alarm buzzer. When the young child presses the panic button, an alert will ring. It also contains a camera that helps the parents to get images of the child's surroundings using ESP32 Cam. By employing GPS, if a child enters a critical state, the Blynk application will send the latitude and longitude of that specific position to the parents. An SD card module with an SD card that will record the location is present in this system.

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