Parents' Perceptions About the Correlation Between Motor Skills and Speech Development of their Children

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Miranda Baruti-Sylejmani, Olivera Rashikj-Canevska


Background: Children's development is a part of life that should be given great importance. Parents have different perceptions about motor, language and speech development, of their children. This research aimed to determine parents' perceptions regarding children's development in these areas.

Methods: Respondents of the research were 40 parents whose children had disorders in motor, language and speech development. The instrument used in this research was a questionnaire which has contained six demographic questions and 37 questions related to motor, speech and language development.

Results: There is a significant positive correlation between "Motor Development" with "Speech Development", r=.843**, p<0.01; between "Motor Development" and "Language Development", r=.791**, p<0.01. Motor development has an impact on speech development, which is also explained by the model, F (1/38) = 93.275, sig. =,000. T-test analysis shows that there are differences in the motor development of children, according to the village-city residence: t(38)= 3.148, p=.003.

Conclusions: There is a significant positive correlation between motor development and language-speech development; Motor development has an impact on children's speech development; Children who live in the countryside are more developed in terms of motor than children who live in the city.

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