Peculiarities of the Foreign Dental Students’ Teaching the Topic “Oral Cavity Physiology”

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Mistchenko Igor’ Vitaliyevich, Tkachenko Elena Viktorovna, Zhukova Marina Yuriyevna, Kokovskaya Oksana Valeriyevna, Jha Sahil Kumar


Assessing the typological belonging taking into consideration represents informative research area in the theoretical and applied branches of Science. Ethnic (EV Tkachenko et al., 2022), gender, age and mixed typological aspects such as gender-age (V Tsuber et al., 2014), ethno-gender-age (EV Tkachenko et al., 2022; ЕВ Ткаченко, 2021), temperament (EV Tkachenko, MKSK Pathan, 2021), interhemispherical asymmetry individual profile (EV Tkachenko, 2021), control locus (ЕВ Ткаченко, ВН Соколенко, 2021), behavioral strategies (EV Tkachenko et al., 2022; E Tkachenko et al., 2022), character accentuations and constitution types are the most known and used in research among them. Students represent separate age category, if the examined are foreigners – ethno-age typological aspect is taken into consideration, if male and female foreign students are in the research groups – they say and they write about ethno-gender-age typological aspect.

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