Language Development in Literary Text Between Child and Adult: Adaptation of Digital World

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Dharinee Arvind, P. Harshini


Literature and language are always active in all the phases. Language and literature are like four walls in a room. It has a bonding towards each other. The word "Digital" is a communal phrase, meaning it has become quotidian. As we live literally in the digital world, people around us learnuniquely renovated phrases every day. In the high-tech world, persons of all ages are surrounded by smart devices. There is a bridge between children and adults where the children of ancient and modern times have learning differences, and their captivity power has upheaved. While we take language development in children, it is going on a super pace, but it makes a lot of difference in adults. The enamor in the child's birth grows internally as well as externally. This development in the adult has decreased due to the modern world. At present, elderly people are more involved in using gadgets that they fail to sleuth in children's enrichment of language. The recast of the innovation level has pros and cons. Not many know the cons of the digital world, but language development has descended in modern times. The adaptation in child and adult can be given by using small activities like newspaper reading, collecting new vocabularies, and forming sentences for our mundane activities. The chief pretension exhibitshow technology is traversing at its fast pace; in the same way, the language flourishing must also be at its par.

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