Managerial Principles of Prophetic Schools on the Management of Educational Facilities and Infrastructure

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Dadang Rahman Munandar, N. Fathurrohman, Yousef Bani Ahmad


Education is a conscious and planned effort to create intelligent, independent and noble human beings. Education in question is not just a transfer of knowledge but also a transfer of value or transfer of value. Of course, school cannot be separated as a vehicle for learning. This study aims to determine the correlation relationship between professional school principal management and management of infrastructure to improve student learning services where there is a causal correlation that influences each other between variables. By using a quantitative research design to test the hypothesis using a research sample of 50 respondents consisting of teachers and students. The sampling technique in this study was simple random sampling using the Taro Yamane formula quoted from Akdon and Sahlan. Data from the instrument were processed using descriptive statistical analysis methods or inferential statistics using applied mathematical formulas (statistics).

Based on the results of the product moment correlation analysis "the managerial role of the principal in the development of facilities and infrastructure at Annihayah Middle School is said to be significant with a value of 0.719. Then the value of 0.719 indicates that it has a positive relationship and a very strong level of relationship as seen from the correlation coefficient interval between 3.80 – 1.000. Based on the results of simple linear regression calculations, namely Y = 10,523 + 0.809X and R Square of 0.719, it means that the managerial role of the school principal in developing facilities and infrastructure is 80.90%. The results of the hypothesis test show that the alternative hypothesis (Ho) "there is a managerial relationship between the prophetic school principal and the management of infrastructure to improve student learning services". So that the results of the hypothesis test can be verified in this study.

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